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Guía de broca para bisagras ocultas

Guía de broca para bisagras ocultas


1.La plantilla de bisagra oculta es adecuada para el corte de agujeros de bisagras de hasta 35 mm.
2.Fácil de usar, ayuda a instalar las puertas del gabinete utilizando bisagras ocultas usted mismo.
3. Alta resistencia y dureza. 4. Durable en uso.
El paquete incluye:
A. Cuerpo principal de la plantilla de bisagra B.35mm  taladros forstner  C.Dos ayudas de limitación de apertura de agujeros de 26mm D. Anillo de detención E. Llave Allen F. Broca de 2mm G. Varilla de posicionamiento



Guía de broca para bisagras ocultas

Perforadora de bisagra Localizador de perforadora de 35 mm para bisagras ocultas Guía de broca

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    Ron Killian
    22 de febrero de 2019
    Pretty good jig...
    Wasn't sure what to expect with this jig as I have not heard of the company or used any of their tools before. But so far I am pleasantly surprised. It is more heavy duty then I thought it would be, it's quite robust. Everything you need to drill properly aligned European style hinges is included. Also, almost all the components have a place to store on the back of the jig. The only thing that does not have a place is the stop collar, which I wish they had a spot for that piece. The one important piece that could get lost.The instructions are actually good. Even though they are simple, they explain pretty much everything. Doesn't take long to get some holes drilled. Bit seems sharp, as you can see from my picture, it drilled a nice hole.Only thing I noticed, was setting the stop collar, the instructions only say to slide to slide it down to the indent, they are not very specific, but it's hard to tell if it is suppose to go over the black paint, or stop above it. I could only get it to the black paint. So I'll have to do some testing with the part.Overall I like it. Seems just as good, and might be a little better than my "blue" jig. The price is pretty good. I would recommend.
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    P. MSakamoto
    13 de enero de 2019
    Great value euro hinge jig
    This is a solid choice for a euro hinge jig set. It works well, has all the pieces and is a good value. I would have given it five but took off a star for the low throughput 35mm bit and the lack of a place to keep the extra 26mm standoffs. Other than that, very precisely made and sturdy. I recommend it because the above issues are not super material if you are only doing a few dozen doors or so (ie, not a pro). The results will be clean and solid, but it will take a little longer unless you sharpen or upgrade the supplied bit.I uploaded a lot of photos to show the use of this excellent jig. I annotated most of them for clarity and instruction. That said, although they are written by someone in China, the instructions are usable and the results are fast and good. The bit, although it is slower than I'd like, did cut cleanly and precisely. The setup is easy. You just dial in the overlay on each of the black knobs in mm, set the collar on the shaft of the bit, assemble, clamp and drill. There is a stop pin that I didn't use for my test that aids in giving a repeated vertical spacing from the door bottom and top. It fits in its spot snugly and should work fine.Before getting this jig, I would set up on my floor standing 17" drill press to install euro cabinet hinges. The results were always very good, and fast, but it took time. This little jig makes it fast and easy to set up and drill a few holes. This is the way I'm installing hinges going forward unless I am going to install a LOT of hinges.Keep the unit in its supplied and reasonably sturdy cardboard box. It is easy to put everything back in it when done.Another thing to think about is that when you are drilling the holes for the screws that secure the hinges to the door, it is a lot easier to use a VIX bit as shown in the photos than it is to freehand it with the small drill bit for pilot holes. The VIX bit allows you to use the hinge as a guide and template and it centers the hole where it should be. You run a chance of being off center with a naked bit like the one in the kit.Another hint when using this kind of jig is to think about dust and chip extraction. You can see in my phohos the amount of chips that came from ONE hole. If I was making a lot of installs, I would rig up a vacuum or dust collector hose next to the drill area to reduce dust and chips.This is a very nice tool, reasonably priced for what it is. It is very cleanly made and looks like pro gear. I recommend it highly.
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